Running Benefits

There are many ways to call it. Jogging, footing or better known as running.
This discipline can be easily noticed by a step by step style in a more accelerated way. More like a hurried jog, running has many short, medium and long term benefits.

One of the best known styles of sport in the world. Characteristic for its positive effects on health and also for the simplicity of performing this activity.

Physical Health Benefits of Running

One of the main benefits is better cardiovascular system, lung capacity and noticeable improvement in the immune system.
Besides accelerating the metabolism and raising the levels of good cholesterol.

Another key point is for the bones of the body, being a sport of impact we can notice an improvement in the medium and long term. This discipline allows us to strengthen the bone connections and the general anatomy of the bones.

A fundamental point of running benefits is weight control, this activity allows a greater control than the rest of disciplines that only involve weight or general hypertrophy.

Running Physical Benefits.

Mental Health Benefits (Go for a run!)

Running is an activity that requires concentration and focus.
Running and taking care of our breathing makes us more likely to get exhausted and feel a state of mind. When this euphoric effect fades, the classic “post-workout” exhaustion comes. This causes us to be forced to rest.

This is very beneficial for people with sleep problems (insomnia) and also for those who suffer from stress, anxiety and panic attacks.
These last problems are very common among young people and adults. The interposition of goals and desires generates a mental overload. Running is ideal to combat these problems

It should be noted that running increases the overall self-esteem and confidence in our environment.
We see physical and mental changes that motivate us to achieve these goals even more! Let’s not stop improving!

Would you like to start your mornings with this discipline and a good breakfast?

The recommended (but not mandatory) time for this discipline is in the morning or even mid-morning. This helps the “sleep mode” of the previous night disappear.
Thus causing a condition of maximum energy to start the day.
We must also take into account that the first meal is what will determine your performance for the rest of your day. That’s why we present you a post that was made not long ago! It will help you with this question, plus this one that proposes the benefits of running.

Would you like to know the best footwear for running?

Footwear is important for good stability and positioning of the foot.
In order to carry out this activity, good support of the foot is needed to avoid injuries.
We must also take care of the level of rebound we are going to receive and the impact on joints and bones.
That’s why we’ll show you the best shoes for running and the world of fitness in general if that’s what you want!